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All Commands for D.Va Bot
Xp.experienceShows your xp stats. Specify the user to show that user's stats instead.@everybody.xp
.xp @someguy
Xp.xplvluprewardsShows currently set level up rewards.@everybody.xprews
Xp.xprolerewardSets a role reward on a specified level. Provide no role name in order to remove the role reward.Manageroles Server Perm.xprr 3 Social
Xp.xpnotifySets how the bot should notify you when you get a server or global level. You can set dm (for the bot to send a direct message), channel (to get notified in the channel you sent the last message in) or none to disable.@everyone (useronly).xpn global dm
.xpn server channel
Xp.xpexcludeExclude a channel, role or current server from the xp system.Admin Server Perm.xpex Role SomeRole
.xpex Server
Xp.xpexclusionlistShows the roles and channels excluded from the XP system on this server, as well as whether the whole server is excluded.@everyone.xpexl
Xp.xpleaderboardShows current server's xp leaderboard.@everyone.xplb
Xp.xpgleaderboardShows the global xp leaderboard.@everyone.xpglb
Xp.xpaddAdds xp to a user on the server. This does not affect their global ranking. You can use negative values.Admin Server Perm.xpadd 100 @user
Xp.clubtransferTransfers the ownership of the club to another member of the club.@everyone (Clubowner only).clubtransfer @NewClubAdmin
Xp.clubadminAssigns (or unassigns) staff role to the member of the club. Admins can ban, kick and accept applications.@everyone (Clubowner only).clubadmin @AdminUser
Xp.clubcreateCreates a club. You must be at least level 5 and not be in the club already.@everyone (Lvl 5 or higher).clubcreate My Awesome Club
Xp.clubiconSets the club icon.@everyone (Clubowner only).clubicon
Xp.clubinfoShows information about the club.@everyone.clubinfo
.clubinfo Awesome Club#0001
Xp.clubbansShows the list of users who have banned from your club. Paginated. You must be club owner to use this command.@everyone (Clubowner only).clubbans 2
Xp.clubappsShows the list of users who have applied to your club. Paginated. You must be club owner to use this command.@everyone (Clubowner only).clubapps 2
Xp.clubapplyApply to join a club. You must meet that club's minimum level requirement, and not be on its ban list.@everyone.clubapply Awesome Club#0001
Xp.clubacceptAccept a user who applied to your club.@everyone (Clubowner and Admin only).clubaccept @user
Xp.clubleaveLeaves the club you're currently in.@everyone (clubmembers only).clubleave
Xp.clubkickKicks the user from the club. You must be the club owner. They will be able to apply again.@everyone (Clubowner and Admin only).clubkick @user
Xp.clubbanBans the user from the club. You must be the club owner. They will not be able to apply again.@everyone (Clubowner and Admin only).clubban @user
Xp.clubunbanUnbans the previously banned user from the club. You must be the club owner.@everyone (Clubowner and Admin only).clubunban @user
Xp.clublevelreqSets the club required level to apply to join the club. You must be club owner. You can't set this number below 5.@everyone (Clubowner only).clublevelreq 7
Xp.clubdescSets the club description. Maximum 150 characters. Club owner only.@everyone (Clubowner only).clubdesc This is the best club please join.
Xp.clubdisbandDisbands the club you're the owner of. This action is irreversible.@everyone (Clubowner only).clubdisband
Xp.clublbShows club rankings on the specified page.@everyone.clublb 2
Xp.xpresetResets specified user's XP, or the XP of all users in the server. You can't reverse this action.Admin Server Perm.xpreset @user
Games.pickPicks the currency planted in this channel. If the plant has a password, you need to specify it.@everyone.pick
.pick passwd
Games.plantSpend an amount of currency to plant it in this channel. Default is 1. You can specify the password after the amount. Password has to be alphanumeric and it will be trimmed down to 10 characters if it's longer.@everyone.plant 5
.plant 10 meow
Games.chooseChooses a thing from a list of things@everyone.choose Yawn;Zzzzzz;More Zzzzzz
Games.8ballAsk the 8ball a yes/no question.@everyone.8ball Do you like me? <3
Games.rategirlUse the universal hot-crazy wife zone matrix to determine the girl's worth. It is everything young men need to know about women. At any moment in time, any woman you have previously located on this chart can vanish from that location and appear anywhere else on the chart.@everyone.rategirl @user
Games.linuxPrints a customizable Linux interjection@everyone.linux BadThing GoodThing
.linux Spyware Windows
Games.acrophobiaStarts an Acrophobia game.
--submission-time (-s) Time after which the submissions are closed and voting starts.
--vote-time (-v) Time after which the voting is closed and the winner is declared.
.acro -s 30
Games.hangmanlistShows a list of hangman term types.@everyone.hangmanlist
Games.hangmanStarts a game of hangman in the channel. Use .hangmanlist to see a list of available term types. Defaults to 'all'.@everyone.hangman
.hangman movies
Games.hangmanstopStops the active hangman game on this channel if it exists.@everyone.hangmanstop
Games.nunchiCreates or joins an existing nunchi game. Users have to count up by 1 from the starting number shown by the bot. If someone makes a mistake (types an incorrect number, or repeats the same number) they are out of the game and a new round starts without them. Minimum 3 users required.@everyone.nunchi
Games.gencurrencyToggles currency generation on this channel. Every posted message will have chance to spawn currency.Managemessage Server Perm.gc
Games.pollCreates a public poll which requires users to type a number of the voting option in the channel command is ran in.Managemessage Server Perm.ppoll Question?;Answer1;Answ 2;A_3
Games.pollstatsShows the poll results without stopping the poll on this server.Managemessage Server Perm.pollstats
Games.pollendStops active poll on this server and prints the results in this channel.Managemessage Server Perm.pollend
Games.typestartStarts a typing contest.
--start-time (-s) How long does it take for the race to start. Default 5.
Games.typestopStops a typing contest on the current channel.@everyone.typestop
Games.typelistLists typing articles with their IDs. 15 per page.@everyone.typelist
.typelist 3
Games.tictactoeStarts a game of tic tac toe. Another user must run the command in the same channel in order to accept the challenge. Use numbers 1-9 to play.
--turn-timer (-t) Turn time in seconds. Default 15.
Games.triviaStarts a game of trivia. You can add nohint to prevent hints. First player to get to 10 points wins by default. You can specify a different number. 30 seconds per question.
--pokemon (-p) Whether it's 'Who's that pokemon?' trivia.
--nohint Don't show any hints.
--win-req (-w) Winning requirement. Set 0 for an infinite game. Default 10.
--question-timer (-q) How long until the question ends. Default 30.
--timeout (-t) Number of questions of inactivity in order stop. Set 0 for never. Default 10.
.t --timeout 5 -p -w 3 -q 10
Games.tlShows a current trivia
Games.tqQuits current trivia after current question.@everyone.tq
Gambling.economyBreakdown of the current state of the bot's economy. Updates every 3 minutes.@everyone.economy
Use to claim your 'timely' currency. You can claim 10 D.Coins every 6 hours
Gambling.rafflePrints a name and ID of a random online user from the server, or from the online user in the specified role.@everyone.raffle
.raffle UseARole
Gambling.raffleanyPrints a name and ID of a random user from the server, or from the specified role.@everyone.raffleany
.raffleany UseARole
Gambling.$Check how much currency a person has. (Defaults to yourself)@everyone.$
.$ @user
Gambling.curtrsShows your currency transactions on the specified page.@everyone.curtrs 2
Gambling.giveGive someone a certain amount of currency. You can specify the reason after the mention.@everyone.give 1 @SomeGuy
.give 5 @CootGurl Ur so pretty
Gambling.rollduelChallenge someone to a roll duel by specifying the amount and the user you wish to challenge as the parameters. To accept the challenge, just specify the name of the user who challenged you, without the amount.@everyone.rollduel 50 @SomeGuy
.rollduel @Challenger
Gambling.betrollBets a certain amount of currency and rolls a dice. Rolling over 66 yields x2 of your currency, over 90 - x4 and 100 5
Gambling.leaderboardDisplays the bot's currency
Gambling.rpsPlay a game of Rocket-Paperclip-Scissors with D.Va. You can bet on it. Multiplier is the same as on betflip.@everyone.rps r 100
.rps scissors
Gambling.raceStarts a new animal race.
--start-time (-s)
Gambling.joinraceJoins a new race. You can specify an amount of currency for betting (optional). You will get YourBet*(participants-1) back if you win.@everyone.jr
.jr 5
Gambling.blackjackStart or join a blackjack game. You must specify the amount you're betting. Use .hit, .stand and .double commands to play. Game is played with 4 decks. Dealer hits on soft 17 and wins 50
Gambling.hitIn the blackjack game, ask the dealer for an extra card.@everyone.hit
Gambling.standFinish your turn in the blackjack game.@everyone.stand
Gambling.doubleIn the blackjack game, double your bet in order to receive exactly one more card, and your turn ends.@everyone.double
Gambling.connect4Creates or joins an existing connect4 game. 2 players are required for the game. Objective of the game is to get 4 of your pieces next to each other in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. You can specify a bet when you create a game and only users who bet the same amount will be able to join your game.
--turn-timer (-t) Turn time in seconds. It has to be between 5 and 60. Default 15.
--bet (-b) Amount you bet. Default 0.
Gambling.rafflecurStarts or joins a currency raffle with a specified amount. Users who join the raffle will lose the amount of currency specified and add it to the pot. After 30 seconds, random winner will be selected who will receive the whole pot. There is also a mixed mode in which the users will be able to join the game with any amount of currency, and have their chances be proportional to the amount they've bet.@everyone.rafflecur 20
.rafflecur mixed 15
Gambling.rollRolls 0-100. If you supply a number X it rolls up to 30 normal dice. If you split 2 numbers with letter d (xdy) it will roll X dice from 1 to y. Y can be a letter 'F' if you want to roll fate dice instead of dnd.@everyone.roll
.roll 7
.roll 3d5
.roll 5dF
Gambling.rolluoRolls X normal dice (up to 30) unordered. If you split 2 numbers with letter d (xdy) it will roll X dice from 1 to y.@everyone.rolluo
.rolluo 7
.rolluo 3d5
Gambling.nrollRolls in a given range. If you specify just one number instead of the range, it will role from 0 to that number.@everyone.nroll 5
.nroll 5-15
Gambling.drawDraws a card from this server's deck. You can draw up to 10 cards by supplying a number of cards to draw.@everyone.draw
.draw 5
Gambling.drawnewDraws a card from the NEW deck of cards. You can draw up to 10 cards by supplying a number of cards to draw.@everyone.drawnew
.drawnew 5
Gambling.deckshuffleReshuffles all cards back into the deck.@everyone.dsh
Gambling.flipFlips coin(s) - heads or tails, and shows an image.@everyone.flip
.flip 3
Gambling.betflipBet to guess will the result be heads or tails. Guessing awards you 1.95x the currency you've bet (rounded up) 5 heads
.bf 3 t
Gambling.shopLists this server's administrators' shop.
.shop 2
Gambling.buyBuys an item from the shop on a given index. If buying items, make sure that the bot can DM 2
Gambling.shopaddAdds an item to the shop by specifying type price and name. Available types are role and list. 90% of currency from each purchase will be received by the user who added the item to the shop.Admin Server Perm.shopadd role 1000 MoneyGuy
Gambling.shoplistaddAdds an item to the list of items for sale in the shop entry given the index. You usually want to run this command in the secret channel, so that the unique items are not leaked.Admin Server Perm.shoplistadd 1 Uni-que-Activation-Key
Gambling.shopremRemoves an item from the shop by its ID.Admin Server Perm.shoprm 1
Gambling.slotPlay D.Va slots. Max bet is 9999. 1.5 second cooldown per user.@everyone.slot 5
Gambling.waifuresetResets your waifu stats, except current waifus.@everyone.waifureset
Gambling.claimwaifuClaim a waifu for yourself by spending currency. You must spend at least 10% more than her current value unless she set .affinity towards you.@everyone.claim 50 @BelovedGirl
Gambling.waifutransferTransfer the ownership of one of your waifus to another user. You must pay 10% of your waifu's value.@everyone.waifutransfer @ExWaifu @NewOwner
Gambling.divorceReleases your claim on a specific waifu. You will get some of the money you've spent back unless that waifu has an affinity towards you. 6 hours cooldown.@everyone.divorce @CheatingSloot
Gambling.affinitySets your affinity towards someone you want to be claimed by. Setting affinity will reduce their .claim on you by 20%. Provide no parameters to clear your affinity. 30 minutes cooldown.@everyone.affinity @MyHusband
Gambling.waifusShows top 9 waifus. You can specify another page to show other waifus.@everyone.waifus
.waifulb 3
Gambling.waifuinfoShows waifu stats for a target person. Defaults to you if no user is provided.@everyone.waifuinfo @MyCrush
Gambling.waifugiftGift an item to someone. This will increase their waifu value by 50% of the gifted item's value if you are not their waifu, or 95% if you are. Provide no parameters to see a list of items that you can
.gift Rose @YourBigLove
Gambling.wheeloffortuneBets a certain amount of currency on the wheel of fortune. Wheel can stop on one of many different multipliers. Won amount is rounded down to the nearest whole number.@everyone.wheel 10
Music.playIf no parameters are specified, acts as .next 1 command. If you specify a song number, it will jump to that song. If you specify a search query, acts as a .q
.play 5
.play D.Va vs. Sombra Rickkmurray
Music.queueQueue a song using keywords or a link. Bot will join your voice channel. You must be in a voice channel.@everyone.q D.Va vs. Sombra Rickkmurray
Music.queuenextWorks the same as .queue command, except it enqueues the new song after the current one. You must be in a voice channel.@everyone.qn D.Va vs. Sombra Rickkmurray
Music.queuesearchSearch for top 5 youtube song result using keywords, and type the index of the song to play that song. Bot will join your voice channel. You must be in a voice channel.@everyone.qs D.Va vs. Sombra Rickkmurray
Music.listqueueLists 10 currently queued songs per page. Default page is 1.@everyone.lq
.lq 2
Music.nextGoes to the next song in the queue. You have to be in the same voice channel as the bot. You can skip multiple songs, but in that case songs will not be requeued if .rcs or .rpl is enabled.@everyone.n
.n 5
Music.stopStops the music and preserves the current song index. Stays in the channel.@everyone.s
Music.autodisconnectToggles whether the bot should disconnect from the voice channel once it's done playing all of the songs..autodc
Music.destroyCompletely stops the music and unbinds the bot from the channel.@everyone.d
Music.pausePauses or Unpauses the song.@everyone.p
Music.volumeSets the music playback volume (0-100%)@everyone.vol 50
Music.defvolSets the default music volume when music playback is started (0-100). Persists through restarts.@everyone.dv 80
Music.songremoveRemove a song by its # in the queue, or 'all' to remove all songs from the queue and reset the song index.@everyone.srm 5
Music.playlistsLists all playlists. Paginated, 20 per page.@everyone.pls 1
Music.deleteplaylistDeletes a saved playlist using its id. Works only if you made it.@everyone.delpls 5
Music.playlistshowLists all songs in a playlist spepcified by its id. Paginated, 20 per page.@everyone.plshow 1
Music.saveSaves a playlist under a certain name. Playlist name must be no longer than 20 characters and must not contain BestListNo1
Music.loadLoads a saved playlist using its ID. Use .pls to list all saved playlists and .save to save new ones.@everyone.load 5
Music.fairplayToggles fairplay. While enabled, the bot will prioritize songs from users who didn't have their song recently played instead of the song's position in the queue.@everyone.fp
Music.songautodeleteToggles whether the song should be automatically removed from the music queue when it finishes playing.@everyone.sad
Music.soundcloudqueueQueue a soundcloud song using keywords. Bot will join your voice channel. You must be in a voice channel.@everyone.sq D.Va vs. Sombra Rickkmurray
Music.soundcloudplQueue a Soundcloud playlist using a link.@everyone.scpl soundcloudseturl
Music.nowplayingShows the song that the bot is currently
Music.shuffleShuffles the current playlist.@everyone.plsh
Music.playlistQueues up to 500 songs from a youtube playlist specified by a link, or
Music.radioQueues a radio stream from a link. It can be a direct mp3 radio stream, .m3u, .pls .asx or .xspf (Usage Video:
Music.moveMoves the bot to your voice channel. (works only if music is already playing)
Music.movesongMoves a song from one position to 5>3
Music.setmaxqueueSets a maximum queue size. Specify no parameters to have no limit..smq 50
Music.setmaxplaytimeSets a maximum number of seconds (>14) a song can run before being skipped automatically. Set 0 to have no limit.@everyone.smp 0
.smp 270
Music.reptcursongToggles repeat of current song..rcs
Music.rpeatplaylstToggles repeat of all songs in the queue (every song that finishes is added to the end of the queue).@everyone.rpl
Music.autoplayToggles autoplay - When the song is finished, automatically queue a related Youtube song. (Works only for Youtube songs and when queue is empty)@everyone.ap
Music.setmusicchannelSets the current channel as the default music output channel. This will output playing, finished, paused and removed songs to that channel instead of the channel where the first song was queued in.Managemessage Server Perm.smch
Music.unsetmusicchannelBot will output playing, finished, paused and removed songs to the channel where the first song was queued in.Managemessage Server Perm.usmch
Utility.togethertubeCreates a new room on and shows the link in the chat.@everyone.totube
Utility.whosplayingShows a list of users who are playing the specified game.@everyone.whpl Overwatch
Utility.inroleLists every person from the specified role on this server. You can use role ID, role name.@everyone.inrole Some Role
Utility.checkpermsChecks yours or bot's user-specific permissions on this channel.@everyone.checkperms me
.checkperms bot
Utility.useridShows user ID.@everyone.uid
.uid @user
Utility.roleidShows the id of the specified role.@everyone.rid Some Role
Utility.channelidShows current channel ID.@everyone.cid
Utility.serveridShows current server ID.@everyone.sid
Utility.rolesList roles on this server or roles of a user if specified. Paginated, 20 roles per page.@everyone.roles 2
.roles @Someone
Utility.channeltopicSends current channel's topic as a message.@everyone.ct
Utility.statsShows some basic stats for D.Va Bot (Nadeko).@everyone.stats
Utility.showemojisShows a name and a link to every SPECIAL emoji in the A message full of SPECIAL emojis
Utility.pingPing the bot to see if there are latency
Utility.calculateEvaluate a mathematical expression.@everyone.calc 1+1
Utility.calcopsShows all available operations in the .calc command@everyone.calcops
Utility.aliasesclearDeletes all aliases on this server.Admin Server Perm.aliasclear
Utility.aliasCreate a custom alias for a certain command. Provide no alias to remove the existing one.Admin Server Perm.alias allin .bf all h
.alias "linux thingy" >loonix Spyware Windows
Utility.aliaslistShows the list of currently set aliases. Paginated.@everyone.aliaslist
.aliaslist 3
Utility.serverinfoShows info about the server the bot is on. If no server is supplied, it defaults to current one.@everyone.sinfo Some Server
Utility.channelinfoShows info about the channel. If no channel is supplied, it defaults to current one.@everyone.cinfo #some-channel
Utility.userinfoShows info about the user. If no user is supplied, it defaults a user running the command.@everyone.uinfo @SomeUser
Utility.invitecreateCreates a new invite which has infinite max uses and never expires.
--max-uses (-m) Maximum number of times the invite can be used. Default 0 (never).
--unique (-u) Not setting this flag will result in bot getting the existing invite with the same settings if it exists, instead of creating a new one.
--temporary (-t) If this flag is set, the user will be kicked from the guild once they close their client.
--expire (-e) Time in seconds to expire the invite. Default 0 (no expiry).
Create Instant Invite Perm.invcr
Utility.invitelistLists all invites for this channel. Paginated with 9 per page.ManageChannel Perm.invitelist
.invlist 3
Utility.invitedeleteDeletes an invite on the specified index. Use .invitelist to see the list of invites.ManageChannel Perm.invrm 2
Utility.listquotesLists all quotes on the server ordered alphabetically or by ID. 15 Per page.@everyone.liqu 3
.liqu 3 id
Utility...Shows a random quote with a specified name.@everyone... BestGurl
Utility.qsearchShows a random quote for a keyword that contains any text specified in the search.@everyone.qsearch keyword text
Utility.quoteidDisplays the quote with the specified ID number. Quote ID numbers can be found by typing .liqu [num] where [num] is a number of a page which contains 15 quotes.@everyone.qid 123456
Utility..Adds a new quote with the specified name and message.@everyone.. sayhi Hi
Utility.quotedelDeletes a quote with the specified ID. You have to be either server Administrator or the creator of the quote to delete it.@everyone.qdel 123456
Utility.delallqDeletes all quotes on a specified keyword.Admin Server Perm.delallq kek
Utility.remindSends a message to you or a channel after certain amount of time (max 2 months). First parameter is me/here/'channelname'. Second parameter is time in a descending order (mo>w>d>h>m) example: 1w5d3h10m. Third parameter is a (multiword) message.@everyone.remind me 1d5h Do something
.remind #general 1m Start now!
Utility.remindlistLists all reminders you created. Paginated.@everyone.remindlist 1
Utility.reminddelDeletes a reminder on the specified index.@everyone.remindrm 3
Utility.repeatinvokeImmediately shows the repeat message on a certain index and restarts its timer.Managemessages Server Perm.repinv 1
Utility.repeatremoveRemoves a repeating message on a specified index. Use .repeatlist to see indexes.Managemessages Server Perm.reprm 2
Utility.repeatRepeat a message every specified number of minutes in the current channel. You can instead specify time of day for the message to be repeated at daily (make sure you've set your server's timezone). You can have up to 5 repeating messages on the server in total.
--message (-m) Message to be repeated
--no-redundant (-n) Whether the message should be reposted if the last message in the channel is this same message.
--interval (-i) How frequently the repeating message is posted, in minutes.
Managemessages Server Perm.repeat -i 5 -m "Hello there" -n
.repeat 17:30 -m "tea time"
Utility.repeatlistShows currently repeating messages and their indexes.Managemessages Server Perm.repeatlist
Utility.streamroleSets a role which is monitored for streamers (FromRole), and a role to add if a user from 'FromRole' is streaming (AddRole). When a user from 'FromRole' starts streaming, they will receive an 'AddRole'. Provide no parameters to disableManageroles Server Perm.streamrole "Eligible Streamers" "Featured Streams"
Utility.streamrolekwSets keyword which is required in the stream's title in order for the streamrole to apply. Provide no keyword in order to reset.Manageroles Server Perm.srkw
.srkw OW
Utility.streamroleblAdds or removes a blacklisted user. Blacklisted users will never receive the stream role.Manageroles Server Perm.srbl add @user
.srbl rem @user
Utility.streamrolewlAdds or removes a whitelisted user. Whitelisted users will receive the stream role even if they don't have the specified keyword in their stream title.Manageroles Server Perm.srwl add @user
.srwl rem @user
Utility.convertlistList of the convertible dimensions and currencies.@everyone.convertlist
Utility.convertlistConvert quantities. Use .convertlist to see supported dimensions and currencies.@everyone.convert m km 1000
Utility.verboseerrorToggles whether the bot should print command errors when a command is incorrectly used.Managemessages Server
Searches.lolbanShows top banned champions ordered by ban rate.@everyone.lolban
Searches.ripMake a RIP-Meme of a @user
Searches.sayBot will send the message you typed in this channel. Supports embeds.Managemessages Server Perm.say Annyeong.
Searches.weatherShows weather data for a specified city. You can also specify a country after a comma.@everyone.we Wuppertal
.we Moscow, RU
Searches.timeShows the current time and timezone in the specified location.@everyone.time London, UK
.time Busan
Searches.youtubeSearches youtubes and shows the first D.Va is the best OW Hero
Searches.movieQueries imdb for movies or series, show first Batman vs Superman
Searches.randomcatShows a random cat image.@everyone.meow
Searches.randomdogShows a random dog image.@everyone.woof
Searches.randomfoodShows a random food image.@everyone.yum
Searches.randombirdShows a random bird image.@everyone.birb
Searches.lmgtfyGoogle something for an idiot.@everyone.lmgtfy How to open a Lootbox in Overwatch
Searches.shortenAttempts to shorten an URL, if it fails, returns the input URL.@everyone.shorten
Searches.googleGet a Google search link for some D.Va is the best
Searches.magicthegatheringSearches for a Magic The Gathering card.@everyone.magicthegathering about face
.mtg about face
Searches.hearthstoneSearches for a Hearthstone card and shows its image. Takes a while to complete.@everyone.hs Ysera
Searches.defineFinds a definition of a word.@everyone.def heresy
Searches.#Searches for a hashtag.@everyone.# ff
Searches.catfactShows a random catfact from
Searches.revavReturns a Google reverse image search for someone's avatar.@everyone.revav @BestProfPic
Searches.revimgReturns a Google reverse image search for an image from a link.@everyone.revimg https://link.of.image
Searches.wikipediaGives you back a wikipedia query
Searches.colorShows you pictures of colors which correspond to the inputed hex values. Max 10.@everyone.color 00ff00
.color f00 0f0 00f
Searches.avatarShows a mentioned person's avatar.@everyone.av @BestAvatar
Searches.wikiaGives you back a wikia link@everyone.wikia mtg Vigilance
.wikia overwatch D.Va
Searches.bibleShows bible verse. You need to supply book name and genesis 3:19
Searches.novelSearches for a novel on You have to provide an exact name.@everyone.novel the nine cauldrons
Searches.malShows basic info from a MyAnimeList profile.@everyone.mal Profile
Searches.animeQueries anilist for an anime and shows the first result.@everyone.ani aquarion evol
Searches.mangaQueries anilist for a manga and shows the first Shingeki no kyojin
Searches.crypto.crypto@everyone.c btc
.c bitcoin
Searches.feedSubscribes to a feed. Bot will post an update up to once every 10 seconds. You can have up to 10 feeds on one server. All feeds must have unique URLs.Managemessages Server Perm.feed
Searches.feedremoveStops tracking a feed on the given index. Use .feeds command to see a list of feeds and their indexes.Managemessages Server Perm.feedremove 3
Searches.feedsShows the list of feeds you've subscribed to on this server.Managemessages Server Perm.feeds
Searches.yomamaShows a random joke from
Searches.randjokeShows a random joke from
Searches.chucknorrisShows a random Chuck Norris joke from
Searches.wowjokeGet one of Kwoth's penultimate WoW jokes.@everyone.wowjoke
Searches.magicitemShows a random magic item from
Searches.memelistPulls a list of memes you can use with .memegen from
Searches.memegenGenerates a meme from memelist with top and bottom text.@everyone.memegen biw "gets iced coffee" "in the winter"
Searches.osuShows osu stats for a player.@everyone.osu Name
.osu Name taiko
Searches.gatariShows osu!gatari stats for a player.@everyone.gatari Name
.gatari Name ctb
Searches.osu5Displays a user's top 5 plays.@everyone.osu5 Name
Searches.pathofexileSearches characters for a given Path of Exile account. May specify league name to filter results.@everyone.poe "Zizaran"
Searches.pathofexileleaguesReturns a list of the main Path of Exile leagues.@everyone.poel
Searches.pathofexilecurrencyReturns the chaos equivalent of a given currency or exchange rate between two currencies.@everyone.poec Standard "Mirror of Kalandra"
Searches.placelistShows the list of available tags for the .place command.@everyone.placelist
Searches.placeShows a placeholder image of a given tag. Use .placelist to see all available tags. You can specify the width and height of the image as the last two optional Cage
.place steven 500 400
Searches.pokemonSearches for a pokemon.@everyone.poke Sylveon
Searches.pokemonabilitySearches for a pokemon ability.@everyone.pokeab overgrow
Searches.smashcastNotifies this channel when the specified user starts streaming.Managemessages Server Perm.smashcast SomeStreamer
Searches.twitchNotifies this channel when the specified user starts streaming.Managemessages Server Perm.twitch SomeStreamer
Searches.picartoNotifies this channel when the specified user starts streaming.Managemessages Server Perm.picarto SomeStreamer
Searches.mixerNotifies this channel when the specified user starts streaming.Managemessages Server Perm.mixer SomeStreamer
Searches.streamaddNotifies this channel when the user's stream on the specified URL goes online or offline. Offline notifications will only show if you enable .streamoff. Maximum 10 per server.Managemessages Server Perm.stadd
Searches.streamremoveStops following the stream on the specified index. (use .stl to see indexes)Managemessages Server Perm.strm 2
Searches.streamlistLists all streams you are following on this server.@everyone.stl
Searches.streamoffToggles whether the bot will notify about streams going offline.Managemessages Server Perm.sto
Searches.streammsgSets the message which will show when the stream on the specified index comes online.Managemessages Server Perm.stm 2 Hello world! I'm Online!
Searches.streamcheckChecks if a user is online on a certain streaming
Searches.translateTranslates from>to text. From the given language to the destination language.@everyone.trans en>fr Hello
Searches.autotranslangSets your source and target language to be used with .at. Specify no parameters to remove previously set value.@everyone.atl en>fr
Searches.translangsLists the valid languages for translation.@everyone.translangs
Searches.xkcdShows a XKCD comic. Specify no parameters to retrieve a random one. Number parameter will retrieve a specific comic, and "latest" will get the latest one.@everyone.xkcd
.xkcd 1400
.xkcd latest
NSFW.autohentaiPosts a hentai every X seconds with a random tag from the provided tags. Use | to separate tag groups. Random group will be chosen every time the image is sent. Use + for multiple tags (max 2 per group). 20 seconds minimum. Provide no parameters to disable.ManageMessages Channel Perms.autohentai 30 yuri+kissing|tail+long_hair.autohentai
NSFW.hentaiShows a hentai image from a random website (gelbooru, danbooru, konachan or yandere) with a given tag. Tag is optional but preferred. Only 1 tag allowed.@everyone.hentai yuri
NSFW.hentaibombShows a total 5 images (from gelbooru, danbooru, konachan, yandere and atfbooru). Tag is optional but preferred.@everyone.hentaibomb
NSFW.yandereShows a random image from yandere with a given tag. Tag is optional but preferred. (multiple tags are appended with +)@everyone.yandere tag1+tag2
NSFW.konachanShows a random hentai image from konachan with a given tag. Tag is optional but preferred.@everyone.konachan widowmaker
NSFW.e621Shows a random hentai image from with a given tag. Tag is optional but preferred. (multiple tags are appended with +)@everyone.e621 yuri+kissing
NSFW.rule34Shows a random image from rule34.xx with a given tag. Tag is optional but preferred. (multiple tags are appended with +)@everyone.rule34
NSFW.danbooruShows a random hentai image from danbooru with a given tag. Tag is optional but preferred. (multiple tags are appended with +)@everyone.danbooru dva
NSFW.gelbooruShows a random hentai image from gelbooru with a given tag. Tag is optional but preferred. (multiple tags are appended with +)@everyone.gelbooru tracer
NSFW.derpibooruShows a random image from derpibooru with a given tag. Tag is optional but preferred.@everyone.derpi yuri+kissing
NSFW.boobsReal adult content.@everyone.boobs
NSFW.buttsReal adult content.@everyone.butts
NSFW.nsfwtagblToggles whether the tag is blacklisted or not in nsfw searches. Provide no parameters to see the list of blacklisted tags.Managemessage Server Perm.nsfwtbl poop
Custom Reaction.addcustreactAdd a custom reaction with a trigger and a response. Running this command requires the Administration permission. Guide here: Server Perm.acr "hello" Hi there %user%
Custom Reaction.editcustreactEdits the custom reaction's response given its ID.@everyone.ecr 123 I'm a magical girl
Custom Reaction.listcustreactLists global or server custom reactions (20 commands per page). Running the command in DM will list global custom reactions, while running it in server will list that server's custom reactions. Specifying all parameter instead of the number will DM you a text file with a list of all custom reactions.@everyone.lcr 1
.lcr all
Custom Reaction.listcustreactgLists global or server custom reactions (20 commands per page) grouped by trigger, and show a number of responses for each. Running the command in DM will list global custom reactions, while running it in server will list that server's custom reactions.@everyone.lcrg 1
Custom Reaction.showcustreact
Shows a custom reaction's response on a given ID.@everyone.scr 1
Custom Reaction.delcustreactDeletes a custom reaction on a specific index. If ran in DM, it is bot owner only and deletes a global custom reaction. If ran in a server, it requires Administration privileges and removes server custom reaction.@everyone.dcr 5
Custom Reaction.crcaToggles whether the custom reaction will trigger if the triggering message contains the keyword (instead of only starting with it).@everyone.crca 44
Custom Reaction.crdmToggles whether the response message of the custom reaction will be sent as a direct message.@everyone.crdm 44
Custom Reaction.cradToggles whether the message triggering the custom reaction will be automatically deleted.@everyone.crad 59
Custom Reaction.crclearDeletes all custom reactions on this server.Admin Server Perm.crclear
Sets whether to show when a command/module is blocked.Mod-Bot Role (see here).verbose true
Permissions.permroleSets a role which can change permissions. Supply no parameters to see the current one. Type 'reset' instead of the role name to reset the currently set permission role. Users with Administrator server permissions can use permission commands regardless of whether they have the specified role. There is no default permission role.Admin Server Some Role
.pr reset
Lists whole permission chain with their indexes. You can specify an optional page number if there are a lot of permissions.Mod-Bot Role (see here).lp
.lp 3
Permissions.removepermRemoves a permission from a given position in the Permissions list.Mod-Bot Role (see here).rp 1
Permissions.movepermMoves permission from one position to another in the Permissions list.Mod-Bot Role (see here).mp 2 4
Permissions.srvrcmdSets a command's permission at the server level.Mod-Bot Role (see here).sc "command name" disable
Permissions.srvrmdlSets a module's permission at the server level.Mod-Bot Role (see here).sm ModuleName enable
Permissions.usrcmdSets a command's permission at the user level.Mod-Bot Role (see here).uc "command name" enable SomeUsername
Permissions.usrmdlSets a module's permission at the user level.Mod-Bot Role (see here).um ModuleName enable SomeUsername
Permissions.rolecmdSets a command's permission at the role level.Mod-Bot Role (see here).rc "command name" disable MyRole
Permissions.rolemdlSets a module's permission at the role level.Mod-Bot Role (see here).rm ModuleName enable MyRole
Permissions.chnlcmdSets a command's permission at the channel level.Mod-Bot Role (see here).cc "command name" enable SomeChannel
Permissions.chnlmdlSets a module's permission at the channel level.Mod-Bot Role (see here).cm ModuleName enable SomeChannel
Permissions.allchnlmdlsEnable or disable all modules in a specified channel.Mod-Bot Role (see here).acm enable #SomeChannel
Permissions.allrolemdlsEnable or disable all modules for a specific role.Mod-Bot Role (see here).arm [enable/disable] MyRole
Permissions.allusrmdlsEnable or disable all modules for a specific user.Mod-Bot Role (see here).aum enable @someone
Permissions.allsrvrmdlsEnable or disable all modules for your server.Mod-Bot Role (see here).asm [enable/disable]
Permissions.cmdcooldownSets a cooldown per user for a command. Set it to 0 to remove the cooldown.Mod-Bot Role (see here).cmdcd "some cmd" 5
Permissions.allcmdcooldownsShows a list of all commands and their respective cooldowns.Mod-Bot Role (see here).acmdcds
Permissions.fwclearDeletes all filtered words on this server.Admin Server Perm.fwclear
Permissions.srvrfilterinvToggles automatic deletion of invites posted in the server. Does not affect the Bot Owner.Mod-Bot Role (see here).sfi
Permissions.chnlfilterinvToggles automatic deletion of invites posted in the channel. Does not negate the .srvrfilterinv enabled setting. Does not affect the Bot Owner.Mod-Bot Role (see here).cfi
Permissions.srvrfilterwordsToggles automatic deletion of messages containing filtered words on the server. Does not affect the Bot Owner.Mod-Bot Role (see here).sfw
Permissions.chnlfilterwordsToggles automatic deletion of messages containing filtered words on the channel. Does not negate the .srvrfilterwords enabled setting. Does not affect the Bot Owner.Mod-Bot Role (see here).cfw
Permissions.fwAdds or removes (if it exists) a word from the list of filtered words. Use.sfw or .cfw to toggle filtering.Mod-Bot Role (see here).fw poop
Permissions.lstfilterwordsShows a list of filtered words.Mod-Bot Role (see here).lfw
Permissions.resetpermsResets the bot's permissions module on this server to the default value.Admin Server Perm.resetperms
Administration.delmsgoncmdToggles the automatic deletion of the user's successful command message to prevent chat flood. You can use it either as a server toggle, channel whitelist, or channel blacklist, as channel option has 3 settings: Enable (always do it on this channel), Disable (never do it on this channel), and Inherit (respect server setting). Use list parameter to see the current states.Admin Server Perm.delmsgoncmd
.delmsgoncmd channel enable
.delmsgoncmd channel inherit
.delmsgoncmd list
Administration.deafenDeafens mentioned user or users.Deafenmembers Server Perm.deaf "@Someguy"
.deaf "@Someguy" "@Someguy"
Administration.undeafenUndeafens mentioned user or users.Deafenmembers Server Perm.undef "@Someguy"
.undef "@Someguy" "@Someguy"
Administration.delvoichanlDeletes a voice channel with a given name.Managechannel Server Perm.dvch VoiceChannelName
Administration.creatvoichanlCreates a new voice channel with a given name.Managechannel Server Perm.cvch VoiceChannelName
Administration.deltxtchanlDeletes a text channel with a given name.Managechannel Server Perm.dtch TextChannelName
Administration.creatxtchanlCreates a new text channel with a given name.Managechannel Server Perm.ctch TextChannelName
Administration.settopicSets a topic on the current channel.Managechannel Server My new topic
Administration.setchanlnameChanges the name of the current channel.Managechannel Server Perm.schn NewName
Administration.editEdits bot's message, you have to specify message ID and new text. Supports embeds.Managechannel Server Perm.edit 7479498384 Hi :^)
Administration.autoassignroleAutomaticaly assigns a specified role to every user who joins the server. Provide no parameters to disable.Manageroles Server Perm.aar
.aar RoleName
Administration.gvcToggles game voice channel feature in the voice channel you're currently in. Users who join the game voice channel will get automatically redirected to the voice channel with the name of their current game, if it exists. Can't move users to channels that the bot has no connect permission for. One per server.Admin Server Perm.gvc
Administration.languagesetSets this server's response language. If bot's response strings have been translated to that language, bot will use that language in this server. Reset by using default as the locale name. Provide no parameters to see currently set language.Admin Server Perm.langset de-DE
.langset default
Administration.langsetdefaultSets the bot's default response language. All servers which use a default locale will use this one. Setting to default will use the host's current culture. Provide no parameters to see currently set language.Admin Server Perm.langsetd en-US
.langsetd default
Administration.languageslistList of languages for which translation (or part of it) exist atm.@everyone.langli
Administration.setmuteroleSets a name of the role which will be assigned to people who should be muted. Default is nadeko-mute.Manageroles Server Perm.setmuterole Silenced
Administration.muteMutes a mentioned user both from speaking and chatting. You can also specify time string for how long the user should be muted.Manageroles & Mutemember Server Perm.mute @Someone
.mute 1h30m @Someone
Administration.unmuteUnmutes a mentioned user previously muted with .mute command.Manageroles & Mutemembers Server Perm.unmute @Someone
Administration.chatmutePrevents a mentioned user from chatting in text channels.Manageroles Server Perm.chatmute @Someone
Administration.chatunmuteRemoves a mute role previously set on a mentioned user with .chatmute which prevented him from chatting in text channels.Manageroles Server Perm.chatunmute @Someone
Administration.voicemutePrevents a mentioned user from speaking in voice channels.Mutemembers Server Perm.voicemute @Someone
Administration.prefixSets this server's prefix for all bot commands. Provide no parameters to see the current server prefix. Setting prefix requires Administrator server permission.Admin Server Perm.prefix +
Administration.antiraidSets an anti-raid protection on the server. Provide no parameters to disable. First parameter is number of people which will trigger the protection. Second parameter is a time interval in which that number of people needs to join in order to trigger the protection, and third parameter is punishment for those people (Kick, Ban, Mute)Admin Server Perm.antiraid 5 20 Kick
Administration.antispamStops people from repeating same message X times in a row. Provide no parameters to disable. You can specify to either mute, kick or ban the offenders. If you're using mute, you can add a number of seconds at the end to use a timed mute. Max message count is 10.Admin Server Perm.antispam 3 Mute
.antispam 4 Kick
Administration.antispamignoreToggles whether antispam ignores current channel. Antispam must be enabled.Admin Server Perm.antispamignore
Administration.antilistShows currently enabled protection features.@everyone.antilist
Administration.prune.prune removes all messages in the last 100 messages. .prune X removes last X number of messages from the channel (up to 100). .prune @Someone removes all Someone's messages in the last 100 messages. .prune @Someone X removes last X number of 'Someone's' messages in the channel. You can use the -s / --safe parameter at the end to only prune messages that are not pinned.@everyone.prune
.prune -s
.prune 5
.prune 5 --safe
.prune @Someone
.prune @Someone --safe
.prune @Someone X
.prune @Someone X -s
Administration.reactionrolesSpecify role names and server emojis with which they're represented, the bot will then add those emojis to the previous message in the channel, and users will be able to get the roles by clicking on the emoji. You can set 'excl' as the first parameter to make them exclusive. You can have up to 5 of these enabled on one server at a time.ManagerServer Perm.reactionroles Gamer :SomeServerEmoji: Streamer :Other: Watcher :Other2:
.reactionroles excl Horde :Horde: Alliance :Alliance:
Administration.reactionroleslistLists all ReactionRole messages on this channel and their indexes.Manageroles Server Perm.reactionroleslist
Administration.reactionrolesremoveRemoved a ReactionRole message on the specified index.Manageroles Server Perm.rerorm 1
Administration.setroleSets a role for a given user.Manageroles Server @User Guest
Administration.removeroleRemoves a role from a given user.Manageroles Server Perm.rr @User Admin
Administration.renameroleRenames a role. The role you are renaming must be lower than bot's highest role.Manageroles Server Perm.renr "First role" SecondRole
Administration.removeallrolesRemoves all roles from a mentioned user.Manageroles Server Perm.rar @User
Administration.createroleCreates a role with a given name.Manageroles Server Awesome Role
Administration.deleteroleDeletes a role with a given name.Manageroles Server Perm.dr Awesome Role
Administration.rolehoistToggles whether this role is displayed in the sidebar or not.Manageroles Server Perm.rh Guests
.rh "Space Wizards"
Administration.rolecolorSet a role's color using its hex value. Provide no color in order to see the hex value of the color of the specified role..roleclr Admin
.roleclr Admin ffba55
Administration.mentionroleMentions a role. If the role is not mentionable, bot will make it mentionable for a moment.Mentioneveryone Server Perm.menro RoleName
Administration.adsarmToggles the automatic deletion of confirmations for .iam and .iamn commands.Managemessages Server Perm.adsarm
Administration.asarAdds a role to the list of self-assignable roles. You can also specify a group. If 'Exclusive self-assignable roles' feature is enabled, users will be able to pick one role per group.Manageroles Server Perm.asar Gamer
.asar 1 E-Sportler
.asar 1 OWL-Contender
Administration.sargnSets a self assignable role group name. Provide no name to remove.Manageroles Server Perm.sargn 1 Faction
.sargn 2
Administration.rsarRemoves a specified role from the list of self-assignable roles.Manageroles Server Perm.rsar
Administration.lsarLists self-assignable roles. Shows 20 roles per page.@everyone.lsar
.lsar 2
Administration.togglexclsarToggles whether the self-assigned roles are exclusive. While enabled, users can only have one self-assignable role per group.Manageroles Server Perm.tesar
Administration.rolelevelreqSet a level requirement on a self-assignable role.Manageroles Server Perm.rlr 5 SomeRole
Administration.iamAdds a role to you that you choose. Role must be on a list of self-assignable roles.@everyone.iam Gamer
Administration.iamnotRemoves a specified role from you. Role must be on a list of self-assignable roles.@everyone.iamn Gamer
Administration.shardstatsStats for shards. Paginated with 25 shards per page..shardstats
.shardstats 2
Administration.setnickChanges the nickname of the bot on this server. You can also target other users to change their nickname.Managenicknames Server Perm.setnick BotNickname
.setnick @SomeUser New Nickname
Administration.greetdelSets the time it takes (in seconds) for greet messages to be auto-deleted. Set it to 0 to disable automatic deletion.Managerserver Server Perm.greetdel 0
.greetdel 30
Administration.greetToggles anouncements on the current channel when someone joins the server.Managerserver Server Perm.greet
Administration.greetmsgSets a new join announcement message which will be shown in the server's channel. Type %user% if you want to mention the new member. Using it with no message will show the current greet message. You can use embed json from instead of a regular text, if you want the message to be embedded.Managerserver Server Perm.greetmsg Welcome, %user%.
Administration.greetdmToggles whether the greet messages will be sent in a DM (This is separate from greet - you can have both, any or neither enabled).Managerserver Server Perm.greetdm
Administration.greetdmmsgSets a new join announcement message which will be sent to the user who joined. Type %user% if you want to mention the new member. Using it with no message will show the current DM greet message. You can use embed json from instead of a regular text, if you want the message to be embedded.Managerserver Server Perm.greetdmmsg Welcome to the server, %user%
Administration.byeToggles anouncements on the current channel when someone leaves the server.Managerserver Server Perm.bye
Administration.byemsgSets a new leave announcement message. Type %user% if you want to show the name the user who left. Type %id% to show id. Using this command with no message will show the current bye message. You can use embed json from instead of a regular text, if you want the message to be embedded.Managerserver Server Perm.byemsg %user% has left.
Administration.byedelSets the time it takes (in seconds) for bye messages to be auto-deleted. Set it to 0 to disable automatic deletion.Managerserver Server Perm.byedel 0
.byedel 30
Administration.timezonesLists all timezones available on the system to be used with .timezone..timezones
Administration.timezoneSets this guilds timezone. This affects bot's time output in this server (logs, etc..).timezone
.timezone GMT Standard Time
Administration.warnWarns a user.Banmembers Server Perm.warn @user Very rude person
Administration.warnlogSee a list of warnings of a certain user.Banmembers Server Perm.warnlog @user
Administration.warnlogallSee a list of all warnings on the server. 15 users per page.Banmembers Server Perm.warnlogall
.warnlogall 2
Administration.warnclearClears all warnings from a certain user. You can specify a number to clear a specific one.Banmembers Server Perm.warnclear @PoorDude 3
.warnclear @PoorDude
Administration.warnpunishSets a punishment for a certain number of warnings. You can specify a time string after 'Ban' or 'Mute' punishment to make it a temporary mute/ban. Provide no punishment to remove.Banmembers Server Perm.warnp 5 Ban
.warnp 3
.warnp 5 Mute 2d12h
Administration.warnpunishlistLists punishments for warnings.@everyone.warnpunishlist
Administration.banBans a user by ID or name with an optional message. You can specify a time string before the user name to ban the user temporarily.Banmembers Server Perm.b "@some Guy" Your behaviour is toxic.
.b 1d12h @user Come back when u chill
Administration.unbanUnbans a user with the provided user#discrim or id.Banmembers Server Perm.unban kwoth#1234
.unban 123123123
Administration.softbanBans and then unbans a user by ID or name with an optional message.Kickmembers & Managemessages Server "@some Guy" Your behaviour is toxic.
Administration.kickKicks a mentioned user.Kickmembers Server Perm.k "@some Guy" Your behaviour is toxic.
Administration.vcroleSets or resets a role which will be given to users who join the voice channel you're in when you run this command. Provide no role name to disable. You must be in a voice channel to run this command.Manageroles Server Perm.vcrole SomeRole
Administration.vcrolelistShows a list of currently set voice channel roles.@everyone.vcrolelist
Help.modulesLists all bot modules.@everyone.modules
Help.commandsList all of the bot's commands from a certain module. You can either specify the full name or only the first few letters of the module name.
--view (-v) Specifies how to output the list of commands. 0 - Hide commands which you can't use, 1 - Cross out commands which you can't use, 2 - Show all.
@everyone.cmds Admin
.cmds Admin --view 1
Help.helpEither shows a help for a single command, or DMs you help link if no parameters are specified.@everyone.h .cmds
Help.readmeSends a readme and a guide links to the channel.@everyone.readme
Help.donateInstructions for helping the Nadekobot project financially. (Kwoth's Nadekobot, not D.Va Bot) (Flowers can't be claimed on D.Va Bot)@everyone.donate
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