Gambling Commands for D.Va Bot
.economyBreakdown of the current state of the bot's economy. Updates every 3 minutes.@everyone.economy
Use to claim your 'timely' currency. You can claim 10 D.Coins every 6 hours
.rafflePrints a name and ID of a random online user from the server, or from the online user in the specified role.@everyone.raffle
.raffle UseARole
.raffleanyPrints a name and ID of a random user from the server, or from the specified role.@everyone.raffleany
.raffleany UseARole
.$Check how much currency a person has. (Defaults to yourself)@everyone.$
.$ @user
.curtrsShows your currency transactions on the specified page.@everyone.curtrs 2
.giveGive someone a certain amount of currency. You can specify the reason after the mention.@everyone.give 1 @SomeGuy
.give 5 @CootGurl Ur so pretty
.rollduelChallenge someone to a roll duel by specifying the amount and the user you wish to challenge as the parameters. To accept the challenge, just specify the name of the user who challenged you, without the amount.@everyone.rollduel 50 @SomeGuy
.rollduel @Challenger
.betrollBets a certain amount of currency and rolls a dice. Rolling over 66 yields x2 of your currency, over 90 - x4 and 100 5
.leaderboardDisplays the bot's currency
.rpsPlay a game of Rocket-Paperclip-Scissors with D.Va. You can bet on it. Multiplier is the same as on betflip.@everyone.rps r 100
.rps scissors
.raceStarts a new animal race.
--start-time (-s)
.joinraceJoins a new race. You can specify an amount of currency for betting (optional). You will get YourBet*(participants-1) back if you win.@everyone.jr
.jr 5
.blackjackStart or join a blackjack game. You must specify the amount you're betting. Use .hit, .stand and .double commands to play. Game is played with 4 decks. Dealer hits on soft 17 and wins 50
.hitIn the blackjack game, ask the dealer for an extra card.@everyone.hit
.standFinish your turn in the blackjack game.@everyone.stand
.doubleIn the blackjack game, double your bet in order to receive exactly one more card, and your turn ends.@everyone.double
.connect4Creates or joins an existing connect4 game. 2 players are required for the game. Objective of the game is to get 4 of your pieces next to each other in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. You can specify a bet when you create a game and only users who bet the same amount will be able to join your game.
--turn-timer (-t) Turn time in seconds. It has to be between 5 and 60. Default 15.
--bet (-b) Amount you bet. Default 0.
.rafflecurStarts or joins a currency raffle with a specified amount. Users who join the raffle will lose the amount of currency specified and add it to the pot. After 30 seconds, random winner will be selected who will receive the whole pot. There is also a mixed mode in which the users will be able to join the game with any amount of currency, and have their chances be proportional to the amount they've bet.@everyone.rafflecur 20
.rafflecur mixed 15
.rollRolls 0-100. If you supply a number X it rolls up to 30 normal dice. If you split 2 numbers with letter d (xdy) it will roll X dice from 1 to y. Y can be a letter 'F' if you want to roll fate dice instead of dnd.@everyone.roll
.roll 7
.roll 3d5
.roll 5dF
.rolluoRolls X normal dice (up to 30) unordered. If you split 2 numbers with letter d (xdy) it will roll X dice from 1 to y.@everyone.rolluo
.rolluo 7
.rolluo 3d5
.nrollRolls in a given range. If you specify just one number instead of the range, it will role from 0 to that number.@everyone.nroll 5
.nroll 5-15
.drawDraws a card from this server's deck. You can draw up to 10 cards by supplying a number of cards to draw.@everyone.draw
.draw 5
.drawnewDraws a card from the NEW deck of cards. You can draw up to 10 cards by supplying a number of cards to draw.@everyone.drawnew
.drawnew 5
.deckshuffleReshuffles all cards back into the deck.@everyone.dsh
.flipFlips coin(s) - heads or tails, and shows an image.@everyone.flip
.flip 3
.betflipBet to guess will the result be heads or tails. Guessing awards you 1.95x the currency you've bet (rounded up) 5 heads
.bf 3 t
.shopLists this server's administrators' shop.
.shop 2
.buyBuys an item from the shop on a given index. If buying items, make sure that the bot can DM 2
.shopaddAdds an item to the shop by specifying type price and name. Available types are role and list. 90% of currency from each purchase will be received by the user who added the item to the shop.Admin Server Perm.shopadd role 1000 MoneyGuy
.shoplistaddAdds an item to the list of items for sale in the shop entry given the index. You usually want to run this command in the secret channel, so that the unique items are not leaked.Admin Server Perm.shoplistadd 1 Uni-que-Activation-Key
.shopremRemoves an item from the shop by its ID.Admin Server Perm.shoprm 1
.slotPlay D.Va slots. Max bet is 9999. 1.5 second cooldown per user.@everyone.slot 5
.waifuresetResets your waifu stats, except current waifus.@everyone.waifureset
.claimwaifuClaim a waifu for yourself by spending currency. You must spend at least 10% more than her current value unless she set .affinity towards you.@everyone.claim 50 @BelovedGirl
.waifutransferTransfer the ownership of one of your waifus to another user. You must pay 10% of your waifu's value.@everyone.waifutransfer @ExWaifu @NewOwner
.divorceReleases your claim on a specific waifu. You will get some of the money you've spent back unless that waifu has an affinity towards you. 6 hours cooldown.@everyone.divorce @CheatingSloot
.affinitySets your affinity towards someone you want to be claimed by. Setting affinity will reduce their .claim on you by 20%. Provide no parameters to clear your affinity. 30 minutes cooldown.@everyone.affinity @MyHusband
.waifusShows top 9 waifus. You can specify another page to show other waifus.@everyone.waifus
.waifulb 3
.waifuinfoShows waifu stats for a target person. Defaults to you if no user is provided.@everyone.waifuinfo @MyCrush
.waifugiftGift an item to someone. This will increase their waifu value by 50% of the gifted item's value if you are not their waifu, or 95% if you are. Provide no parameters to see a list of items that you can
.gift Rose @YourBigLove
.wheeloffortuneBets a certain amount of currency on the wheel of fortune. Wheel can stop on one of many different multipliers. Won amount is rounded down to the nearest whole number.@everyone.wheel 10