Games Commands for D.Va Bot
.pickPicks the currency planted in this channel. If the plant has a password, you need to specify it.@everyone.pick
.pick passwd
.plantSpend an amount of currency to plant it in this channel. Default is 1. You can specify the password after the amount. Password has to be alphanumeric and it will be trimmed down to 10 characters if it's longer.@everyone.plant 5
.plant 10 meow
.chooseChooses a thing from a list of things@everyone.choose Yawn;Zzzzzz;More Zzzzzz
.8ballAsk the 8ball a yes/no question.@everyone.8ball Do you like me? <3
.rategirlUse the universal hot-crazy wife zone matrix to determine the girl's worth. It is everything young men need to know about women. At any moment in time, any woman you have previously located on this chart can vanish from that location and appear anywhere else on the chart.@everyone.rategirl @user
.linuxPrints a customizable Linux interjection@everyone.linux BadThing GoodThing
.linux Spyware Windows
.acrophobiaStarts an Acrophobia game.
--submission-time (-s) Time after which the submissions are closed and voting starts.
--vote-time (-v) Time after which the voting is closed and the winner is declared.
.acro -s 30
.hangmanlistShows a list of hangman term types.@everyone.hangmanlist
.hangmanStarts a game of hangman in the channel. Use .hangmanlist to see a list of available term types. Defaults to 'all'.@everyone.hangman
.hangman movies
.hangmanstopStops the active hangman game on this channel if it exists.@everyone.hangmanstop
.nunchiCreates or joins an existing nunchi game. Users have to count up by 1 from the starting number shown by the bot. If someone makes a mistake (types an incorrect number, or repeats the same number) they are out of the game and a new round starts without them. Minimum 3 users required.@everyone.nunchi
.gencurrencyToggles currency generation on this channel. Every posted message will have chance to spawn currency.Managemessage Server Perm.gc
.pollCreates a public poll which requires users to type a number of the voting option in the channel command is ran in.Managemessage Server Perm.ppoll Question?;Answer1;Answ 2;A_3
.pollstatsShows the poll results without stopping the poll on this server.Managemessage Server Perm.pollstats
.pollendStops active poll on this server and prints the results in this channel.Managemessage Server Perm.pollend
.typestartStarts a typing contest.
--start-time (-s) How long does it take for the race to start. Default 5.
.typestopStops a typing contest on the current channel.@everyone.typestop
.typelistLists typing articles with their IDs. 15 per page.@everyone.typelist
.typelist 3
.tictactoeStarts a game of tic tac toe. Another user must run the command in the same channel in order to accept the challenge. Use numbers 1-9 to play.
--turn-timer (-t) Turn time in seconds. Default 15.
.triviaStarts a game of trivia. You can add nohint to prevent hints. First player to get to 10 points wins by default. You can specify a different number. 30 seconds per question.
--pokemon (-p) Whether it's 'Who's that pokemon?' trivia.
--nohint Don't show any hints.
--win-req (-w) Winning requirement. Set 0 for an infinite game. Default 10.
--question-timer (-q) How long until the question ends. Default 30.
--timeout (-t) Number of questions of inactivity in order stop. Set 0 for never. Default 10.
.t --timeout 5 -p -w 3 -q 10
.tlShows a current trivia
.tqQuits current trivia after current question.@everyone.tq