Searches Commands for D.Va Bot
.lolbanShows top banned champions ordered by ban rate.@everyone.lolban
.ripMake a RIP-Meme of a @user
.sayBot will send the message you typed in this channel. Supports embeds.Managemessages Server Perm.say Annyeong.
.weatherShows weather data for a specified city. You can also specify a country after a comma.@everyone.we Wuppertal
.we Moscow, RU
.timeShows the current time and timezone in the specified location.@everyone.time London, UK
.time Busan
.youtubeSearches youtubes and shows the first D.Va is the best OW Hero
.movieQueries imdb for movies or series, show first Batman vs Superman
.randomcatShows a random cat image.@everyone.meow
.randomdogShows a random dog image.@everyone.woof
.randomfoodShows a random food image.@everyone.yum
.randombirdShows a random bird image.@everyone.birb
.lmgtfyGoogle something for an idiot.@everyone.lmgtfy How to open a Lootbox in Overwatch
.shortenAttempts to shorten an URL, if it fails, returns the input URL.@everyone.shorten
.googleGet a Google search link for some D.Va is the best
.magicthegatheringSearches for a Magic The Gathering card.@everyone.magicthegathering about face
.mtg about face
.hearthstoneSearches for a Hearthstone card and shows its image. Takes a while to complete.@everyone.hs Ysera
.defineFinds a definition of a word.@everyone.def heresy
.#Searches for a hashtag.@everyone.# ff
.catfactShows a random catfact from
.revavReturns a Google reverse image search for someone's avatar.@everyone.revav @BestProfPic
.revimgReturns a Google reverse image search for an image from a link.@everyone.revimg https://link.of.image
.wikipediaGives you back a wikipedia query
.colorShows you pictures of colors which correspond to the inputed hex values. Max 10.@everyone.color 00ff00
.color f00 0f0 00f
.avatarShows a mentioned person's avatar.@everyone.av @BestAvatar
.wikiaGives you back a wikia link@everyone.wikia mtg Vigilance
.wikia overwatch D.Va
.bibleShows bible verse. You need to supply book name and genesis 3:19
.novelSearches for a novel on You have to provide an exact name.@everyone.novel the nine cauldrons
.malShows basic info from a MyAnimeList profile.@everyone.mal Profile
.animeQueries anilist for an anime and shows the first result.@everyone.ani aquarion evol
.mangaQueries anilist for a manga and shows the first Shingeki no kyojin
.crypto.crypto@everyone.c btc
.c bitcoin
.feedSubscribes to a feed. Bot will post an update up to once every 10 seconds. You can have up to 10 feeds on one server. All feeds must have unique URLs.Managemessages Server Perm.feed
.feedremoveStops tracking a feed on the given index. Use .feeds command to see a list of feeds and their indexes.Managemessages Server Perm.feedremove 3
.feedsShows the list of feeds you've subscribed to on this server.Managemessages Server Perm.feeds
.yomamaShows a random joke from
.randjokeShows a random joke from
.chucknorrisShows a random Chuck Norris joke from
.wowjokeGet one of Kwoth's penultimate WoW jokes.@everyone.wowjoke
.magicitemShows a random magic item from
.memelistPulls a list of memes you can use with .memegen from
.memegenGenerates a meme from memelist with top and bottom text.@everyone.memegen biw "gets iced coffee" "in the winter"
.osuShows osu stats for a player.@everyone.osu Name
.osu Name taiko
.gatariShows osu!gatari stats for a player.@everyone.gatari Name
.gatari Name ctb
.osu5Displays a user's top 5 plays.@everyone.osu5 Name
.pathofexileSearches characters for a given Path of Exile account. May specify league name to filter results.@everyone.poe "Zizaran"
.pathofexileleaguesReturns a list of the main Path of Exile leagues.@everyone.poel
.pathofexilecurrencyReturns the chaos equivalent of a given currency or exchange rate between two currencies.@everyone.poec Standard "Mirror of Kalandra"
.placelistShows the list of available tags for the .place command.@everyone.placelist
.placeShows a placeholder image of a given tag. Use .placelist to see all available tags. You can specify the width and height of the image as the last two optional Cage
.place steven 500 400
.pokemonSearches for a pokemon.@everyone.poke Sylveon
.pokemonabilitySearches for a pokemon ability.@everyone.pokeab overgrow
.streamaddNotifies this channel when the user's stream on the specified URL goes online or offline. Offline notifications will only show if you enable .streamoff. Maximum 10 per server.Managemessages Server Perm.stadd
.streamrmStops following the stream on the specified index. (use .stl to see indexes)Managemessages Server Perm.strm 2
.streamlistLists all streams you are following on this server.@everyone.stl
.streamoffToggles whether the bot will notify about streams going offline.Managemessages Server Perm.sto
.streammsgSets the message which will show when the stream on the specified index comes online.Managemessages Server Perm.stm 1 Hey! I'm back online!1!!
.streamcheckRetrieves information about a
.translateTranslates from>to text. From the given language to the destination language.@everyone.trans en>fr Hello
.autotranslangSets your source and target language to be used with .at. Specify no parameters to remove previously set value.@everyone.atl en>fr
.translangsLists the valid languages for translation.@everyone.translangs
.xkcdShows a XKCD comic. Specify no parameters to retrieve a random one. Number parameter will retrieve a specific comic, and "latest" will get the latest one.@everyone.xkcd
.xkcd 1400
.xkcd latest