Utility Commands for D.Va Bot
.togethertubeCreates a new room on https://togethertube.com and shows the link in the chat.@everyone.totube
.whosplayingShows a list of users who are playing the specified game.@everyone.whpl Overwatch
.inroleLists every person from the specified role on this server. You can use role ID, role name.@everyone.inrole Some Role
.checkpermsChecks yours or bot's user-specific permissions on this channel.@everyone.checkperms me
.checkperms bot
.useridShows user ID.@everyone.uid
.uid @user
.roleidShows the id of the specified role.@everyone.rid Some Role
.channelidShows current channel ID.@everyone.cid
.serveridShows current server ID.@everyone.sid
.rolesList roles on this server or roles of a user if specified. Paginated, 20 roles per page.@everyone.roles 2
.roles @Someone
.channeltopicSends current channel's topic as a message.@everyone.ct
.statsShows some basic stats for D.Va Bot (Nadeko).@everyone.stats
.showemojisShows a name and a link to every SPECIAL emoji in the message.@everyone.se A message full of SPECIAL emojis
.pingPing the bot to see if there are latency issues.@everyone.ping
.calculateEvaluate a mathematical expression.@everyone.calc 1+1
.calcopsShows all available operations in the .calc command@everyone.calcops
.aliasesclearDeletes all aliases on this server.Admin Server Perm.aliasclear
.aliasCreate a custom alias for a certain command. Provide no alias to remove the existing one.Admin Server Perm.alias allin .bf all h
.alias "linux thingy" >loonix Spyware Windows
.aliaslistShows the list of currently set aliases. Paginated.@everyone.aliaslist
.aliaslist 3
.serverinfoShows info about the server the bot is on. If no server is supplied, it defaults to current one.@everyone.sinfo Some Server
.channelinfoShows info about the channel. If no channel is supplied, it defaults to current one.@everyone.cinfo #some-channel
.userinfoShows info about the user. If no user is supplied, it defaults a user running the command.@everyone.uinfo @SomeUser
.invitecreateCreates a new invite which has infinite max uses and never expires.
--max-uses (-m) Maximum number of times the invite can be used. Default 0 (never).
--unique (-u) Not setting this flag will result in bot getting the existing invite with the same settings if it exists, instead of creating a new one.
--temporary (-t) If this flag is set, the user will be kicked from the guild once they close their client.
--expire (-e) Time in seconds to expire the invite. Default 0 (no expiry).
Create Instant Invite Perm.invcr
.invitelistLists all invites for this channel. Paginated with 9 per page.ManageChannel Perm.invitelist
.invlist 3
.invitedeleteDeletes an invite on the specified index. Use .invitelist to see the list of invites.ManageChannel Perm.invrm 2
.listquotesLists all quotes on the server ordered alphabetically or by ID. 15 Per page.@everyone.liqu 3
.liqu 3 id
...Shows a random quote with a specified name.@everyone... BestGurl
.qsearchShows a random quote for a keyword that contains any text specified in the search.@everyone.qsearch keyword text
.quoteidDisplays the quote with the specified ID number. Quote ID numbers can be found by typing .liqu [num] where [num] is a number of a page which contains 15 quotes.@everyone.qid 123456
..Adds a new quote with the specified name and message.@everyone.. sayhi Hi
.quotedelDeletes a quote with the specified ID. You have to be either server Administrator or the creator of the quote to delete it.@everyone.qdel 123456
.delallqDeletes all quotes on a specified keyword.Admin Server Perm.delallq kek
.remindSends a message to you or a channel after certain amount of time (max 2 months). First parameter is me/here/'channelname'. Second parameter is time in a descending order (mo>w>d>h>m) example: 1w5d3h10m. Third parameter is a (multiword) message.@everyone.remind me 1d5h Do something
.remind #general 1m Start now!
.remindlistLists all reminders you created. Paginated.@everyone.remindlist 1
.reminddelDeletes a reminder on the specified index.@everyone.remindrm 3
.repeatinvokeImmediately shows the repeat message on a certain index and restarts its timer.Managemessages Server Perm.repinv 1
.repeatremoveRemoves a repeating message on a specified index. Use .repeatlist to see indexes.Managemessages Server Perm.reprm 2
.repeatRepeat a message every specified number of minutes in the current channel. You can instead specify time of day for the message to be repeated at daily (make sure you've set your server's timezone). You can have up to 5 repeating messages on the server in total.
--message (-m) Message to be repeated
--no-redundant (-n) Whether the message should be reposted if the last message in the channel is this same message.
--interval (-i) How frequently the repeating message is posted, in minutes.
Managemessages Server Perm.repeat -i 5 -m "Hello there" -n
.repeat 17:30 -m "tea time"
.repeatlistShows currently repeating messages and their indexes.Managemessages Server Perm.repeatlist
.streamroleSets a role which is monitored for streamers (FromRole), and a role to add if a user from 'FromRole' is streaming (AddRole). When a user from 'FromRole' starts streaming, they will receive an 'AddRole'. Provide no parameters to disableManageroles Server Perm.streamrole "Eligible Streamers" "Featured Streams"
.streamrolekwSets keyword which is required in the stream's title in order for the streamrole to apply. Provide no keyword in order to reset.Manageroles Server Perm.srkw
.srkw OW
.streamroleblAdds or removes a blacklisted user. Blacklisted users will never receive the stream role.Manageroles Server Perm.srbl add @user
.srbl rem @user
.streamrolewlAdds or removes a whitelisted user. Whitelisted users will receive the stream role even if they don't have the specified keyword in their stream title.Manageroles Server Perm.srwl add @user
.srwl rem @user
.convertlistList of the convertible dimensions and currencies.@everyone.convertlist
.convertlistConvert quantities. Use .convertlist to see supported dimensions and currencies.@everyone.convert m km 1000
.verboseerrorToggles whether the bot should print command errors when a command is incorrectly used.Managemessages Server Perm.ve